Sapa – Go to field festival of the Day ethnic group

The early morning on 20 Janruary 2019,  thousands of people, including the Mong, The Dzay, the Dao, The Kinh, The Tay ethnic people in Sapa area and tourists from Sa Pa Town cheerfully flock to the festival.

The festival is held on a flat field at the end of the village. There is a pillar with a circle board on top – one side sticked with a red piece of paper representing the sun, the other side in yellow color representing the moon.

The offerings include cloths, a plate of silver jewellery, boiled eggs which have been dyed red, bamboo shoots, silver and six colorful balls (con) from unmarried girls, symbolizing prosperity

The head of the village and Ta Van representatives offer a traditional tray of the Day ethnic group to thank the heaven and the god who brought prosperity and happiness for all people in the past year and pray for peace in the new year.

After the cultural program of young men and women in Ta Van villages, Hau Thao and Su Pan communes perform near the tree to serve local people and visitors. The festival has also traditional folk games such as throwing a sacred ball through the ring (nem con), catching goats while blindfolded, and going a bamboo bridge over a stream always attracting people to participate in games and cheer for the players. The end of the festival is a plowing competition among best workers. please try this game. It is not simple at all.

When the game is finished, the 2 young strong men and fat buffaloes will go to the field to plough five lines, signalizing the start of a new crop.

photo of cultural program and games as below:

Photo : Ngoc Bang