Sapa museum

Visiting a museum is not top of most people’s list of things to do when visiting Sapa, but for those interested in the history of the region and the culture of its inhabitants, the Sapa museum is worth half an hour of your time.

The museum is housed in an attractive stilt house with a static exhibit upstairs which runs uninspiringly through the history of the Sapa region before moving on to some slightly more engaging exhibits about the culture of the ethnic minorities. It’s like the Ethnology Museum or Women’s Museum in Hanoi, but far smaller and dustier.

Sapa Museum has about 200 artifacts, photos and documents from many different historical periods. It’s very important to serve the needs of exhibits and research about the history, nature, culture, of all ethnic groups in Sapa as H’Mong, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho and Dao in the process of construction and development.

Here, visitors will learn about the history of over 100 years of this town, as well as explore productive labor life, religious life, culture and costumes of each nation. Sapa Museum is where visitors can learn unique cultural traditional customs of all ethnic groups before go next to Sapa villages around the town of Sapa. The museum opens all days of administrative time and free entrance ticket.

More details

Sapa Museum is located inside the sapa tourist information center building.

Opening Hours: 07:30 – 11:30, 13:30 – 17:00